Perhentian Island Challenge 2012 is COMING!

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Now we are having the first participant on the way reaching finish line, he/she will be here in 15mins.. so excited to cheer for the winner! who will they be? 


~ Novice Men~

1. 230 - Paul Isaac Kiplagat
2. 130 - Paul Kimani
3. 121 - Kennedy Kibet Ronoh


~ Novice Men (Local) ~

1. 244 - Jaya Kumar A/L Ramasamy
2. 496 - Mohd Akmal Bin Mansor
3. 407 - Mohd Shukri Bin Abd Rahman


~ Novice Women ~


1. 495 - Esther Wambui Karimi
2. 420 - Esther Njeri Nganga
3. 426 - Lilian Kemboi

~ Elite Men ~

1. 007 - Joseph Gitau Kariuki
2. 009 - Heidilee Mohemmad
3. 013 - Laurence Moses


~ Elite Men Local ~


1. 068 - Liki Suhairi
2. 050 - Mohd Hazwan Bin Abd Rezak
3. 046 - Indra Subar Bin Mas Jamil


~ Kampung ~


1. 376 - Mohd Rawid Bin Rawim




Perhentian Island Challenge 2012 is scheduled from 12th – 14th October 2012, in Perhentian Island, Terengganu, Malaysia. 


 Over the past year we have been guilty of drumming down the event, making it too easy. This year we are going back to our original intentions to make it an endurance event to 'Discover your Limits'.


We shall have categories for:

  • International Section : Elite Men & Elite Women (RM 200)
  • International Section : Novice Men & Novice Women (RM 150)
  • Malaysian Section : Elite Men & Elite Women (RM 150)
  • Malaysian Section : Novice Men & Novice Women (RM 100)
  • Kampung Section : Novice Men

We shall be using trails on the big and small islands and to get from one island to the other we will either swim or inflatable tubes. Where we have a swimming section then a buoyancy aid will be mandatory.


All finishers will be given a T-shirt for dinner and 50 medals are given out to the 1st 50 runners of every category who reach the finishing line. Winners in each category will be receiving a small trophy, medal, prize money and sponsored prizes worth in total of more than RM50, 000! Besides, all winners can be viewed on the Winners List.

Perhentian Island Challenge is a yearly event. Thus, we changed our route and distance every year in order to create mysterious and surprise to all the participants. All the details will be reveal during the briefing in the island before race day. Therefore, it will just fulfilled our slogan "Discover your limit!"
You may refer back to previous year event for details and to understand what kind of race we are organizing.

We arelimiting the participants to 500 pax, of which 100 are reserved for the elite category. If we have fewer than 20 entrants for a category that category will be cancelled.


Due to high demand. We are now open a new category for international section which is International Novice Men and Novice Women.




Proposed PIC 2012 Event Time Table (Time Subject to Change):

 Perhentian Island Challenge 2012

(12th -14th October 2012)

 Date  Day  Time Event

11th October 2012

Volunteers & Participants

Venue: MaTiC, Jalan Ampang

 Thursday        7:00 PM

Arrival of Volunteers
Registration of Volunteers

 8:00 PM

Arrival of Participants
Registration of Participants
Briefing by Organizing Team

 8:30 PM

Arrival of Media, Sponsors & Guests
Registration of Media, Sponsors & Guests

 9:00 PM Arrival of Mr Ken Cheah, President of PIC Adventures
 9:10 PM Arrival of VIP
 9:30 PM Refreshment served
 10:30 PM Press Conference by Tourism
 11:30 PM

Flag-Off by VIP
Depart for Kuala Besut, Terengganu

12th October 2012


Venue: Kuala Besut – Pulau Perhentian

 Friday         7:00 AM

Arrival at Kuala Besut. Breakfast at Kuala Besut
Participants Registration
Collection of Goodies Bag

 10:00 AM

Boat transfer Race Village (Teluk Keke)
Allocation of Tent Accommodation

 12:00 PM

Lunch at Race Village (Teluk Keke)
*ONLY applicable for those who paid for food

 2:00 PM Free & Easy
 7:00 PM Race Briefing by Race Director at Race Village (Teluk Keke)
 7:30 PM

Welcome Dinner at Race Village (Teluk Keke)
*ONLY applicable for those who paid for food

 11:00 PM

Supper at Race Village (Teluk Keke)
*ONLY applicable for those who paid for food

 11:30 PM Good Night

13th October 2012 (Exact Race Day)


Venue: Pulau Perhentian

 Saturday           6:30 AM

Breakfast at Race Village (Teluk Keke)
*ONLY applicable for those who paid for food

 7:00 AM Boat transfer to Kampung
 8:00 AM  Opening Ceremony
 9:00 AM ELITE Racers Flag-off
 9:30 AM NOVICE Racers Flag-off
 12:30 PM

Lunch at Long Beach
*For all registered participants
Free & Easy / Beach Games
Transfer back to Race Village (Teluk Keke)

 6:00 PM

Boat transfer to Kampung

 7:00 PM

Dinner at Kampung
*For all registered participants

 8:15 PM

Prize Presentation & Closing Ceremony

 11:00 PM

Supper at Race Village

*ONLY applicable for those who paid for food
Good Night

14th October 2012 (Beach Cleaning)


Venue: Pulau Perhentian


Sunday  7:00 AM

Breakfast at Race Village *ONLY applicable for those who paid for food

 8:30 AM

Official CSR Beach Clean Up at Teluk Keke

 9:30 AM Packing-Up / Check-Out
 10:00 AM Boat transfer Kuala Besut
10:30 AM Bus transfer to Kuala Lumpur
 6:00 PM Arrival at MaTiC (Malaysia Tourism Centre), Jalan Ampang



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Jointly Organized By:

Past & Present Sponsors, Jointly Organizations & Supports of PIC

About Us - Perhentian Island Challenge Objectives

The objectives of the Perhentian Island Challenge are:

  • To promote Perhentian Island as a ‘must visit’ tourist destination
  • To enhance Perhentian Island’s image as a heaven for young, active, gregarious nature lovers and sports enthusiasts because of its nature-based activities
  • To showcase Perhentian Island as a tropical paradise of warmth, beauty, romance and total relaxation
  • To create awareness of the need for proper and ecologically sound development tailored to protect the delicate ecosystems
  • To promote sports as it encourages a young, healthy, positive and active lifestyle
  • To showcase Malaysia as an international sports tourism destination
  • To prepare and create awareness among the local community to the opportunities and challenges to promote Perhentian Island as a truly international tourist destination